Understanding the Impact of Parental Mental Illness on Children

Parental mental illness is something that can have a substantial impact on a child’s life. It can affect how a person cares for their child, how they meet their child’s developmental needs, and what kind of environment the child grows up in. Having a parent with mental health problems will have some impact on all children. It may have a minor impact on some, adversely affect others and put some children at risk of significant harm.

This course will give those attending a well rounded knowledge of the subject by helping participants to:

  • Have considered some key facts about mental heath
  • Understand what is meant by the term ‘mental illness’ and how it might occur
  • Understand the impact it may have on a person and their ability to parent a child
  • Have considered the implications for children living with a mentally ill parent
  • Understand when parental mental health becomes an issue of concern
  • Have an awareness of best practice in responding to those concerns
  • Know where to access further information and resources

“You have inspired me to go back into my social work - thank you.

“First course in a long time that I have enjoyed, found informative and relevant. Kept my interest going throughout the day.