Working Effectively To Safeguard Children- Advanced Practice

This course aims to assist those attending in developing robust safeguarding children skills and help identify areas for further professional development

By the end of the course those attending should:

  • Have knowledge of the statutory background in safeguarding children
  • Understand the different definitions of child abuse and neglect and be confident that they can recognise the indicators that suggest that a child may be at risk or experiencing abuse
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of different professionals within the safeguarding structure
  • Understand how social care analyses risk and applies thresholds for action
  • Have knowledge of local safeguarding board policy and practice
  • Have considered good practice in safeguarding issues and discussed some common safeguarding dilemmas
  • Have had an opportunity to clarify any queries around safeguarding children issues

“This training session was superb, it was interesting, informative, the trainer was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed this session.

“This is the best safeguarding training I have experienced.