Understanding and Responding Effectively to Child Sexual Exploitation

This course aims to help practitioners develop a robust knowledge of this complex and difficult subject, and understand how they can respond to issues of exploitation both as an individual practitioner and within an inter agency setting.

The course covers the following

  • Understanding what is meant by the term ‘child sexual exploitation’
  • What is known about CSE?
  • Issues of vulnerability
  • Recognising risks associated with the internet and social media
  • Different categories of exploitation
  • Grooming models and offending patterns- recognising how young people become involved
  • Warning signs that tell us that a young person may be involved or is at high risk of becoming exploited
  • Understanding the impact on young people’s lives and how they respond
  • Best practice in responding to concerns including sharing information, risk assessment, disruption strategies, and preventative work
  • Individual practitioner responses
  • Multi agency frameworks and responses
  • Information on important national guidance and frameworks.

“Adele's delivery was great. I would recommend this course to all professionals working with children and young people.

“This is the best safeguarding training I have experienced.