Safeguarding Older Children

This course is aimed at all practitioners working with teenagers and adolescents. This practice based course looks at the relationship between adolescence and risk; and how safeguarding issues for older children can be identified and responded to effectively.  Containing key messages from serious case reviews and practice reviews, this is a thought provoking course which delivers realistic practice recommendations to assist those attending in achieving best practice, improving outcomes and reducing risk when working with older children.

By the end of the course those attending should have:

  • An understanding of what adolescence is, the impact it has on young people and their environment and how it can carry increased risk of harm for some older children
  • Identified what the issues are for older children and how adolescence can make some children vulnerable
  • Considered the issue of perceived “agency neglect” of teenagers
  • Identified appropriate professional responses and interventions
  • Considered issues of confidentiality and information sharing
  • Considered strategies for working with older children including obtaining and maintaining engagement
  • Explored the strengths of inter-agency working and evidence based practice
  • Considered the importance of older children’s participation in the safeguarding process

“The most informative and interesting course I have ever been  on.

“Excellent and thought provoking