Safeguarding Children Update/Refresher

The aim of this course is to ensure that upon completion those attending will have an updated knowledge of key concepts, definitions, indicators and roles in safeguarding children, which they can take back into their day to day work. The course aims to remind participants of knowledge gained during previous safeguarding children training, and in building on that knowledge, increase the skills and confidence of participants in identifying and responding to safeguarding children issues.

This course is appropriate for all those working with children, young people and their families who require a refresher of safeguarding children training at a basic level. This course is appropriate for these coming into contact with children and their families on a limited basis such as caretakers, lunchtime supervisors, classroom assistants, junior health workers, and volunteers.

The course contains the following content

  • What ‘safeguarding children’ means
  • The different types of child abuse and neglect and how they might be identified
  • Different roles and responsibilities of professionals in safeguarding children including their own roles and practitioners in social services
  • Knowing what happens when concerns are passed to a safeguarding team in social care
  • Understanding what is meant by good practice in safeguarding children

“Fabulous session!

“I found the course one of the most useful ones I have attended.