Safe Recruitment and Practice (advanced level)

This course is for anyone who:

  • Works in a setting with children or young people and
  • Has responsibility for the recruitment of employees or volunteers and/or
  • Has responsibility for the supervision and management of new employees or volunteers and/or
  • Has some involvement in the drafting of policy and procedures relating to the above

The course is a more advanced option than the foundation level and is aimed at those who take the lead or primary responsibility in the workplace for safer recruitment practice. In particular the course gives a practical step by step overview of the recruitment practice, and through participation based exercises, allows those attending to transfer their learning into practice and reflect on their own workplace policies and procedures.

The course will ensure that by completion, those attending will

  • Understand some key principles about child abuse; those who abuse children; and the relevance of this to safer recruitment
  • Understand why it is important for each organisation and workplace to have safer recruitment procedures in place
  • Have been assisted in identifying safer recruitment practices and have been taken through the recruitment procedure step by step
  • Have been updated on changes to the former CRB and ISA system and be clear on the function of the Disclosure and Barring Service
  • Have been assisted in developing the skills needed to put safer recruitment processes in place and
  • Have been supported in promoting a ‘best practice’ approach to safer recruitment within their organisation.

“My confidence in making referrals has definitely increased and I feel I am in a better position to effectively engage with the child protection process.

“Adele was truly an engaging and interesting course lead.