How to Be Effective in Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults (Level 2)

This course is for anyone working or having contact with children and vulnerable adults and who want to further become confident in all aspects on safeguarding, particularly in making contact with social care and the police.

By the end of the event, those attending will:

  • Understand the terms safeguarding child abuse and adults at risk
  • Have considered how different forms of abuse and neglect happen
  • Be confident in how to recognise that abuse might be happening or that someone may be at risk
  • Understand what prevents children and vulnerable adults talking about what is happening to them
  • Have explored the legal and policy framework for safeguarding in different organisations
  • Have considered the process for sharing concerns about vulnerable adults and children, and know what to expect from services such as Social Care and the Police
  • Have knowledge of what they and others should do when they have safeguarding concerns, and who to approach for advice
  • Understand what good safeguarding practice looks like and what they may need to do on their return to the workplace

“Adele was truly an engaging and interesting course lead.

“Adele's delivery was great. I would recommend this course to all professionals working with children and young people.