Essential Skills for Designated Safeguarding Leads and Officers

This course isĀ  a must for anyone who is currently a Designated (or Deputy) Safeguarding Children Lead/Officer, or intending to assume that role in the future. This course will enable those attending to have gained a complete understanding of the role and responsibilities of the DSL; and developed competence and confidence in carrying out this role (as well as learning some well kept secrets and shortcuts in safeguarding practice).

By the end of the event, those attending will have:

  • Explored key areas of DSL/O responsibility
  • Discussed relevant legislation and policy guidance
  • Considered current trends in safeguarding and the implications for their school or organisation
  • Explored the impact that values and beliefs can have on safeguarding issues and the implications for their workplaces and staff
  • Explored issues of best practice including creating safer workplaces, and understanding what prevents children and adults from talking about abuse or issues of concern; recording and sharing information
  • Discussed making appropriate safeguarding decisions, the process once contact is made with social care and the role their school or organisation has in the multiagency child protection process
  • Have identified actions for their return to the workplace

“The course was realistic addressing both theory and practice with a good balance of interaction.

“This was a very well presented course and I really liked the personal style of the trainer.