Advanced Practice in Responding to Issues of Child Sexual Exploitation

This course is for any professional working with children and their families, who want to expand their exisiting knowledge and practice around child sexual exploitation.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Have considered issues of vulnerability (including adolescence) and how this makes some children more likely to become involved in CSE
  • Have considered the corrosive impact of grooming, as well as considered the impact of trauma on the future attachment, engagement and behaviour of young people involved in CSE including risk taking and conditioned behaviour
  • Have discussed different approaches to engaging young people and reducing future risks and vulnerability
  • Have reflected on how personal bias and judgment may impact on professional conduct and interventions
  • Have reflected on how the experiences of some children create additional barriers and vulnerabilities; and which require accessible dynamic approaches and services
  • Have considered effective assessment and responses to CSE in challenging cases
  • Have considered the tools needed to work at an advanced level with sexually exploited children and young people

“Adele was truly an engaging and interesting course lead.

“This was a very well presented course and I really liked the personal style of the trainer.