I am employed as a Wellbeing & Strategic Partnerships Manager for Berneslai Homes which includes responsibility for Family Intervention. We have retained the services of Adele Gladman for approximately 5 years to deliver Safeguarding Children training.

During that time I have found Adele to be reliable and flexible in preparing courses to our requirements. The content is relevant, timely and focussed on achieving best outcomes for children by raising practitioner awareness, skills and confidence to challenge inappropriate behaviour towards children and engage appropriate service providers such as Social Care.

Our Family Intervention Service is nationally recognised as delivering best practice and Adele’s training of the team has contributed to this achievement securing positive outcomes for a number of multi-generational troubled families.

Safeguarding children is an emotive subject which can provoke strong reactions from individuals. I have always found Adele’s courses provide the right amount of information and stimulation to challenge perceptions in a positive and supportive environment. Feedback from attendees often reflect how empowered they feel to recognise, challenge and work in partnership to secure long term positive outcomes for the families we support. Despite the difficult subject matter the feedback is always how enjoyable, useful and thought provoking Adele’s training has been.

I believe Adele’s outstanding success is testament to her ability to understand our requirements and produce training materials and presentation in a style most suited to the learner’s needs and preferences.

I have no hesitation in endorsing Adele and recommending her to other organisations hoping to secure high quality training.

Carol Brannan
Wellbeing & Strategic Partnerships Manager
Berneslai Homes, Barnsley, South Yorkshire