I have known Adele for many years on a personal level and have had the opportunity to work with her a couple of times in a business capacity. Adele has written and delivered training to schools we work with around lunchtime cover and the safeguarding element. More recently Adele delivered a workshop with our schools on GDPR and what it means specifically within a school. Now GDPR is hardly a riveting subject, but I have to confess, I was actually hooked. Adele takes a topic and really brings it to life for the people she is delivering it to. Makes it real and practical to them. The feedback we had was overwhelming. In fact I have had several of our clients asking me what we will be doing with her next! The general feel was that Adele keeps it engaging and the pace at which she delivers training is spot on. Everything was relevant and tailored to the audience, and importantly it was interactive. I could not recommend Adele enough. There is nothing about safeguarding she does not know, and she will work closely with you to ensure what you want matches what she delivers: any school looking for some inset training, look no further, you will get no better than this.

Andrea Raven-Hill

Area Manager at Reed Education