Adele was appointed a Specialist Associate Trainer by Just Whistle in April 2011.

I took over as Manager at Just Whistle in September 2012, having received very positive reports about Adele’s professionalism and her effectiveness as a trainer from the previous Manager.

Over the last ten months, Adele has impressed me not only with her commitment to delivering challenging but positive learning experiences for our clients, but with her level of professionalism, knowledge, energy and passion.

She has not only effectively delivered units of our open training courses on Child Sexual Exploitation, consistently receiving the highest feedback scores from participants of all our trainers , but has worked with clients developing individualised units of training to a wide range of multiagency and single service groups. She is able to adjust her approach, learning delivery style and methodology to suit different environments and levels of knowledge across varying group’s styles and in response to practitioner or strategic/ senior manager needs, and is skilled working with both smaller and larger group sizes. Commissioners and training managers are now asking for repeats of training and stating they wish Adele to be the deliverer, which is a strong marker of confidence in her skills as a trainer and her capacity to deliver effectively.

Adele has a fantastic knowledge base from her various professional and training roles which add to participants learning experiences, and she does extend participants learning and thinking about their own and their organisations practice, which is consistently highlighted in participant’s feedback comments.

She is highly organised, all training sessions are well planned and relevant materials and administrative tasks completed within schedule. However, Adele frequently works over and above what’s required of her to get tasks completed or to make sure we’re meeting learning outcomes required by clients and that’s another clear marker of her professionalism and standards she sets for herself.

I do recommend her to you unreservedly

Nicola Dalby
Acting CEO
Safe and Sound Derby & Justwhistle