Why do I need to do safeguarding children training?

Our courses are designed to give professionals robust knowledge of what they need to know and do to recognise issues around safeguarding children.

  • Being aware of different types of abuse, and why some children and young
    people are more vulnerable to abuse
  • Understanding the nature of different types of child abuse and neglect, and
    where it can occur
  • Being confident in being able to identify warning signs and knowing how and
    when to talk to other practitioners, other services, children and parents about
  • Understanding the importance of good information sharing and professional
  • Knowing what action they and their service should take when there are
    safeguarding concerns
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of other services including social
    care, the police and the LADO
  • Understanding how to develop an effective relationship with social care,
    including a knowledge of safeguarding thresholds and how to make effective
  • Knowing what response to expect when they have raised concerns, and what
    action to take when they think that they have encountered poor practice
  • Acting so that they make a difference for the child or family concerned
  • Acting so that they are satisfied that they have done everything that they
    could and should have done in response to their safeguarding concern

Why our courses?

As with many providers we can offer a range of courses on safeguarding children issues. Where we are different is that we:

We know that our courses make a difference and are value for money. We also know that we make a valuable contribution to help our clients improve their practice and skills to achieve best standards in safeguarding children practice.

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