Training on safeguarding children policy and practice for regulatory ombudsmen

Clients were two national regulatory ombudsmen who often work in partnership and often encounter safeguarding issues. They wanted a training event designing and delivering to case investigators and team managers in both organisations. The brief was to design and deliver an event which helped those attending:

  • To understand child protection and safeguarding legislation, policy & process
  • To apply this knowledge to the complaints that are received
  • To identify what questions to ask during investigations and what documents should be available as evidence
  • To enhance the effective joint investigation of complaints

The agreed content of the course was

  • Safeguarding children legislation, structure, and practice guidance
  • Roles and responsibilities in safeguarding children and child protection
  • Best practice in safeguarding children
  • The safeguarding children process
  • Investigating complaints & what to look out for
  • Next steps  in working together

The course was structured around live case examples which gave those attending the opportunity to co-work during the course, transfer the learning into practice and identify any issues needing further consideration or resolution in the future.  The practice sessions at the conclusion of the course were useful in assisting the ombudsmen in identifying practice issues, particularly those around information sharing and issues of consent.

The courses were very well received, with one participant commenting “The best training I have ever been on.”

The services we provided

  • Bespoke Training

“Adele's delivery was great. I would recommend this course to all professionals working with children and young people.

“Thank you Adele. I love your training  style.