Practice based training on responding to issues of child sexual exploitation

Client asked for a practice based course on child sexual exploitation which assisted those in attending in achieving best practice in identifying and responding to concerns. In particular the client wanted a local context to the course, with a focus on practical responses to CSE. There was a perception that local practitioners were confusing indicators of vulnerability with indictors of CSE, and were inconsistent on understanding how their individual practitioner role fitted in with a multi agency context. The course was designed around the following aims and learning objectives:

That by the end of the course, those attending would:

  • Understand the term ‘child sexual exploitation’, different categories of CSE, and the difference between vulnerability and being considered at risk
  • Have considered grooming models- how young people become involved, including the role of the internet and other technology
  • Understand young people’s perception of and responses to cse
  • Have considered effective individual and multi agency responses to low, medium and high risk cases
  • Be aware of local procedures and structures, as well as national best practice guidance
  • Have considered how to work effectively with young people
  • Have considered effective partnerships working to identify criminal activity and networks
  • Have been informed about what is known about CSE locally

The course was delivered to Children and Social Care Practitioners.

The services we provided

  • Bespoke Training

“The most informative and interesting course I have ever been  on.

“Thank you Adele. I love your training  style.