Bespoke training for solicitors’ firm on practice standards

We were engaged by a firm of solicitors who had recently established a child abuse negligence department. The firm wanted a learning and development event to achieve the following:

  • To give an overview of the new child abuse negligence department, and their role in it.
  • To consider what type of cases they are likely to be dealing with , who the clients are likely to be, and what their issues are likely to be
  • To consider issues of potential liability and what kind of information they would need to seek
  • To discuss what type of documents they would need sight of
  • To consider how to sensitively approach clients and how to get the best out of them when taking statements and initial instructions
  • To consider how the cases are likely to be funded
  • To look at future development issues for the department

The services we provided

  • Bespoke Training

“You have inspired me to go back into my social work - thank you.

“The most informative and interesting course I have ever been  on.