Independent safeguarding audit for secondary school and college

An educational establishment instructed the firm after a serious safeguarding incident involving two pupils. The school wanted an independent safeguarding audit, to consider whether the safeguarding practice in the school was of a good enough standard and whether the response to the incident followed best practice standards. The remit set by the school was the […]

Review of charity’s safeguarding policies and procedures

A charity engaged our services to conduct a review of their safeguarding policies and procedures. Meetings took place, which enabled us to get to know the client, and understand the nature of their work. With this knowledge we were able to draft policies and procedures which fitted the diverse and sensitive work of the charity. […]

Conducting interviews with victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation

A local firm of solicitors engaged our services to conduct initial interviews with potential clients who were victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation. The brief was to meet each potential client and take initial instructions from them in a sensitive way which did not leave the client in a distressed state of mind. The […]

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