Promoting Positive Behaviour

This course is aimed at those working in education and encountering challenging behaviour. The course can be adapted for other professionals. The course provides those attending with skills, techniques and strategies to enable them to develop solutions for managing behaviour in school.

The course can be delivered as a one day event or in modular sessions. We are also willing to include a follow up session to look at how the learning from the course has been implemented into the workplace, and address any difficulties that have arisen.

By the end of the course participants will

  • Be clearer about how their role supports the development of a whole school behaviour approach
  • Understand what may be the potential causes for a child’s behaviour
  • Know and feel more confident in responding effectively to challenging behaviour and resolving conflict
  • Understand the importance of praise and incentives
  • Understand in how to communicate effectively with children
  • Feel more confident in supporting children to use peaceful problem solving approaches
  • Be more aware of how to reward children for practising and using key skills and making improvements
  • Be clearer about setting boundaries and enforcing consequences for non compliance

“Adele's delivery was great. I would recommend this course to all professionals working with children and young people.

“First course in a long time that I have enjoyed, found informative and relevant. Kept my interest going throughout the day.