Preparing to Attend Court in Public Law cases

This course is aimed at any professionals who may need to attend the family court as part of proceedings following a public law application by a local authority. The course will provide knowledge, skills and confidence in preparing for and attending court proceedings.

By the end of the course those attending will:

  • Understand the key principles of the Children Act 1989
  • Have had an opportunity to consider the PLO process and requirements
  • Have an overview of public law and the range of orders available to a court
  • Have knowledge of the function and purpose of courts in children’s proceedings
  • Understand the role of Guardian, and have considered court structures, personnel and processes
  • Understand what a professional statement should contain and how to compile one
  • Have considered what is available as evidence
  • Have had an opportunity to consider how to compile an effective care plan (social workers only)
  • Understand their role & how to prepare to attend court
  • Understand what happens at court including giving evidence and cross examination
  • Have had an opportunity to put learning into practice through a simulated court case
  • Understand what they need in terms of support when called to give evidence at court

“The course was extremely well devised and prepared.

“This training session was superb, it was interesting, informative, the trainer was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed this session.