Preparing For and Attending Case Conferences

This course is relevant to all professionals who may be required to attend and contribute to child protection conferences.  This course will give an overview of the procedures for initial child protection conferences, and help those attending develop their practice (and confidence) in contributing to this vital stage of the safeguarding children process.

The course will do that by

  • Delivering knowledge about the safeguarding and child protection processes and protocols after a Section 47 enquiry has been instigated in line with national and local procedures national and local procedures
  • Explaining the roles and responsibilities of the independent chair
  • Illustrating the importance of key principles in this process, such as sharing information, professional recording and working together in partnership with families
  • Assisting those attending in understanding the relevance of conference reports, how to make sure that they are of a good standard, and how to share the content with families
  • Assisting those in understanding how they can contribute effectively to an initial child protection conference
  • Considering how to issues which may arise such as addressing risk and difference in professional opinion

“Excellent and thought provoking

“My confidence in making referrals has definitely increased and I feel I am in a better position to effectively engage with the child protection process.