GDPR Briefing for Schools and Educational Establishments


As part of our new Safeguarding Briefing Programme, we will be looking at the new General Data Protection Regulations, and how to make sure that you are following the latest guidance. This event will be especially useful to those educational establishments wanting to make sure that they have everything in place, or for those that aren’t quite there yet, some tips on how to achieve compliance quickly!


The event will consider:

  • The reasons for GDPR
  • The implications for learning establishments
  • Some myth-busting facts
  • Step by step guide on what you need to do
  • What about safeguarding and sharing information?
  • Resources and where to get more help

“The course was extremely well devised and prepared.

“My confidence in making referrals has definitely increased and I feel I am in a better position to effectively engage with the child protection process.