Effective Contributions to Core Groups

This course is relevant to all professionals who work with children or their families and who are likely to be part of a core group, developing, implementing and reviewing a child protection plan.

The course will cover the following

  • The role and function of a core group
  • Key principles in ensuring that core groups remain dynamic and effective
  • The purpose of a child protection plan
  • The difference between a robust and an ineffective child protection plan
  • How individual practitioners can contribute to the development and implementation of sound child protection plans
  • A practical understanding of the process of change and how this may be achieved by effective core group working together
  • The importance of monitoring and reviewing plans, and assessing their effectiveness
  • What action should be taken where plans are not reducing risk or achieving their aim?

“Brilliant session and fantastic facilitator I needed a training course where the trainer knew more than I did about the subject area- this was it! Thank you

“Fabulous session!